Ways to Honor Your Ancestors
By Visar Dee Berry, Doyen Sanctuary Clan
Tribal Doyen 2004

There are many ways to honor your ancestors. Here are a few ideas. Can you think of more?

- Use the phrases and sayings and teachings given to you over the years by your ancestors. You'll be amazed at how often you use something given to you by a parent, grandparent, etc. Acknowledge where the bits of knowledge came from, and pass that on too.

- Give a blessing dedicated to your ancestors during special occasions, gatherings, and/or meals.

- Pick a special day each year to bring out old photos, slides, movies, etc. of your ancestors to either discuss or ponder over.

- Recognize and acknowledge the things you´ve physically inherited, both the good and the bad.

- Tell stories you heard about your ancestors over the years.

- Share home remedies and superstitions you grew up with. If possible, look for the source.

- Sit with an elder ancestor and ask them questions about when they were young, memories of their parents and other relations, etc.

- Tell your memories to your children, siblings, nieces and nephews, etc.

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